Exhibitors & Special Guests Announcement for Artcade 2019

The Legend of Excalipurr - Artcade

Wisp Entertainment – The Legend of Excalipurr

Wisp Entertainment is a Louisiana based company formed in 2012 by Van Phelan, Adam Folse and Samuel Perkins. In 2016 Megan Hourcade joined the team and brought with her the idea for a new game, The Legend of Excalipurr.


The Book of Alex - Squaretale - Artcade

SquareTale – The Book of Alex

Play the awesome pixel side-scroller, The Book of Alex, made by SquareTale!


Artcade- Turbosquid

TurboSquid Inc. – 3D Models for Professionals

TurboSquid models are used by game developers, news agencies, architects, visual effects studios, advertisers, and creative professionals around the world.


Artcade - Ghost Data Media

Ghost Data Media – The Lair of Zetarus

Ghost Data Media™ is a indie game developer company looking to expand in the future and bring awesome entertainment to you all.


Artcade - Rob Guillory

Rob Guillory, Lafayette Comic Book Artist

Rob Guillory is an American comic book artist. Born, raised, and currently based in Lafayette, Louisiana, Guillory is most known for his art on Chew, published by Image Comics.


Artcade - Sweet & Hopeless

Sweet and Hopeless

Sweet and Hopeless is local indie shop that makes pillows, shirts, bags, pins, stickers – you name it, they more than likely have a dark kawaii design for it.


Spero Studios - Artcade

Spero Studios – Animal Warriors of The Kingdom and Dusk

Spero Studios was founded to develop comic books and toy lines for kids of all ages. Our focus is on adults like us who grew up in the 80’s & 90’s and are now having children of their own and are looking to share a hobby or discover a new franchise together!  For us, Spero is about recapturing the joy and fun we had as children and sharing it with everyone.


Artcade - Taylor Wells Art

Taylor Wells Art

Taylor is an illustrator/designer and color assistant on the award-winning comic book: CHEW. Taylor is a self-proclaimed nerd and is all about comic books. Visit Taylor’s Etsy shop here to see her art!


We want to give a huge thank you to the catering food trucks that will be setting up shop at Artcade.

Artcade - Rise and Grind

Rise & Grind

Artcade - Rob's Rollin' Cafe

Rob’s Rollin Cafe

Artcade- C'est Bon Manger

C’est Bon Manger